I am in the process of constructing my own site and working on page branding. Life events have made this slower than planned, but it's still in progress.

If you've followed me here from my eBay shop, you can reach me at my gmail account with questions or to place a direct order with me. I'm not typing the full email address here in order to avoid a tidal wave of spam, but if you put the "" in right after "zapstoys" you'll have the right address to reach me. I can send an invoice via PayPal for you to pay through and you'll still get all the same PayPal buyer protections as my customers did when buying from me on eBay.

I can also still be contacted via eBay even though I no longer have any product listings active there. I just won't be able to discuss a lot of things due to eBay's contact policies but it's another way to get my attention if I haven't responded to a direct email.